Macià Florit Campins

(Ciutadella de Menorca, Spain, 1990)

Filmmaker born in Menorca, who lives and works in Barcelona. He graduated in Humanities at Univeritat Pompeu Fabra and, thanks to the DOCMA scholarship, studied a MA in Documentary Film at IPECC - Centro Cultural Matadero in Madrid. Since 2015, he has worked as an assistant director, camera operator and editor for Elsabeth, an independent production company based in Catalonia. His professional experience includes the production of cultural shows for television, music videos and documentary and fiction films. In 2020, he joined Elsabeth as a partner together with one of the founders, the film director and producer Xavier Puig. In Menorca he teaches film workshops in collaboration with the Menorca Film Festival and other institutions from the island. After directing four documentary shorts and multiple experimental pieces, "Pedra pàtria" is his first feature film as a director.

Equipo técnico

Macià Florit Campins
Guió, fotografia i muntatge
Macià Florit Campins i Xavier Puig
Francesc Catalán i Alan Florit
Música original
Xavier Puig
Míriam Guerra
Disseny de so
DRAX Audio
Estudi post-producció de so
Jordi C. Corchs
Enregistrament veu i mescles
Raimon Fransoy
Direcció interpretativa
Borja Bagunyà
Assessoria literària
Ferran Pontón
Traducció al castellà
Nicole D’Amonville
Traducció a l'anglès
Aracne DC
Carlos Hidalgo i Adrián Pardellas (NUMAX)